Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles are fundamental to Dot and our family of companies.

By focusing on these guiding principles across our Dot family, we’re helping to build a better future for our students, employees, investors, and the broader industry.

We are committed to:

Our principles

This is our future.

Building a better future for students; there is no planet B
Creating a diverse and inclusive culture
Maintaining a responsible approach to governance
ESG across Dot

GSA’s ambition is to be the most sustainable provider of student housing on a global scale.

GSA is focused on three key areas: including a rigorous approach to sustainable investments; healthy and safe environments for students; and environmentally conscious, where buildings are part of the solution.

Maintaining a rigorous approach to sustainable investments, which have a positive impact
Creating healthy and safe environments for our students where our goal is to do less harm
Being environmentally conscious, where our buildings are part of the solution

Yugo is on a mission to better the planet, and to empower students and their holistic needs.

Yugo’s approach focuses on three pillars: YugoEco to build a better future and environment for students; YuPro to empower young people beyond university life; and YuGrow to provide space for students to grow and explore new possibilities.

YugoEco – learning to build a better future and a more sustainable environment both for our students and our planet
YuPro – empowering young people beyond university life
YuGrow – providing space for students to fully express themselves and explore new possibilities

Student.com is a global digital family that is connected through a network of partnerships and communities it serves.

Student.com supports positive mental health, and targets initiatives that benefit the student and broader communities, such as supporting seniors to combat loneliness and launching student heroes during the pandemic – a free accommodation initiative for medical students on the frontline.

Kinetic Capital

Partnerships forged with borrowers are based on a mutual commitment to delivering innovative developments with a focus on the well-being of the student communities.

Through financial incentives, borrowers strive to provide spaces for students to grow academically, socially and psychologically.

Our Board

In maintaining a responsible approach, our Board of Directors bring a diverse range of skills and experience to oversee the group’s strong corporate governance culture.

Alec Burger

Non-Executive Chair

Chantal Rickards OBE

Non-Executive Director

Rick Pudner

Non-Executive Director

Nicholas Porter

Chief Executive Officer

David Ransome

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Manasseri

Chief Operating Officer

Nick Collins

Chief Legal Officer

Andrew Reid

General Counsel & Company Secretary

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